About The Author

Amanita Dreamer is an educator on the Amanita muscaria mushroom. When she began in 2019, there was very little information about this mushroom, and what was available was inaccurate and harmful. She was planning her exit from the planet when the use of this mushroom saved her life. She has chosen to devote the rest of her life to helping others learn about the amazing power of this mushroom.

She works to help others learn safe and effective ways to incorporate this fungi into their lives. With five years of her own use and experimentation, she brings her rigorous investigation into the research and science along with the aggregated anecdotal information from thousands in her community. She has developed rules and nomenclature around the use in small and large amounts, spiritual impacts, mind-altering growth, and potential uses. She has also posed many hypotheses on the complex medicine within. Finally, she has coined terms and ideas surrounding its ideology, use, community, and potential. In 2020 she launched the first line of products using this mushroom with sales that continue to climb. To date she has developed the world’s largest online repository of Amanita muscaria information.

She shares her work openly on public platforms, and once harsh censorship began, she continued on her own private platform, AmanitaDreamer.Net. Knowing her audience, her aim is to cast a wide net and create helpful information that connects with as many different types of users of the material as possible, from the curious to those with a dire need, from the recreational user to those who are becoming medicine people in their communities. She works with corporations in the development of products and advises other content creators on accurate reporting. She helps practitioners learn how to help their clients through use and integration. She speaks at conventions, festivals, and societies, sharing her love of this medicine with all who will listen. In failing to keep up with the demands of the public, she created a community of people who also use the mushroom to collaborate and share their knowledge at MushroomVoice.com. She is currently filming a documentary and writing her next book.

For wholesale and booking information, she can be found at AmanitaDreamer.com